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The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) candidate for the town of St. George, Claudette Joseph has expressed concerns about the increase in violence against women and girls throughout various parts of the island. In recent weeks there have been what she described as “unacceptable instances of sexual offences” against women — and girls in particular.

She is planning a series of self-defense sessions, using martial arts training throughout the constituency in an effort to empower potential victims of sexual abuses. These sessions are to be  conducted on the Carenage, River Road and Darbeau areas, among other places within the constituency.

Joseph, who has been a martial arts instructor for more than fifteen years, is concerned about the vulnerability of those who are affected by this societal scourge. This initiative is part of the party’s commitment to put people first, joseph explained.

According to the NDC’s policy agenda, the party intends to broaden the mandate, recognize and significantly strengthen the capacity of the ministry of social development to discharge its responsibility for the development of the country’s social development plans and policies as they relate to family life and parenting, child care and development services, family counseling, child protection, juvenile justice, adolescent parents, substance abuse, and gender relations.

Joseph believes that this effort is one way to confront the ills of sexual violence in society, noting that other initiatives like strengthening the laws and a massive campaign of education and awareness seek to prevent the attacks on women in the first place. Joseph is calling on all women and girls within the constituency of the town of St. George to embrace this opportunity.

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  1. Clement Olive   On   November 30, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Certainly, this is a social scourge. What are the legal authorities doing about the situation. Frightfully, this evoke memories of the late sixties, through the seventies, when there appeared to be an absence of legal justice. We are all cognizant of that era’s outcome.
    Hats off to the minister, for taking this initiative. Hopefully, others will be inspired.

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