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We are pleased to advise that the shares of Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited (the Bank) will be officially listed on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) on July 26th, 2017.

As a result, you are asked to note the following:-
1. The Trading Symbol of Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange is GCBL.
2. The Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Registry Ltd. (ECCSR), a subsidiary of the ECSE, shall keep a record of your shareholdings. You will be assigned and identified by a Unique Investor ID and Unique Account Number.
3. Your paper Share Certificate shall no longer be your proof of ownership of shares in the Bank. Instead, you shall receive periodic statements from the ECCSR with:
a. Your Unique Investor ID
b. Your Unique Account Number
c. Your balance of shares held

4. Dividends declared by the Bank shall be paid by the ECSE using the instructions you have provided, that is either:
a. Directly to your Bank Account; or
b. By Cheque which shall be mailed to you
5. The purchase and sale of shares must now be conducted through a licensed Broker Dealer that is a member of the ECSE.
6. Additionally, you should use the services of a licensed ECSE-member Broker
Dealer to:
a. Register a change of address;
b. Register a change of name;
c. Change your dividend payment option;
d. Make a transfer (donation/gift);
e. Add an additional holder; or
f. Remove an existing joint holder.
7. Current Broker Dealers licensed to conduct business on the ECSE are:
a. Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd.
b. Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd.
c. First Citizens Investment Services Ltd.
d. Bank of St. Lucia (formerly ECFH Global Investment Solutions Ltd)
e. St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd.
f. The Bank of Nevis Ltd.

The ECSE is delighted to welcome the shareholders of the Bank to the regional securities exchange, and to congratulate GCBL on its listing, which will not only bring benefits to the shareholders, but also contribute to the growth and expansion of the money and capital market of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

The Bank is particularly pleased to celebrate this momentous occasion on its 85th year of serving the Grenadian public with pride and distinction; and wishes to thank you, our shareholders, for your continued support and confidence in GCBL.

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