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Kirani James is a true International Sport Ambassador and Champion for Grenada and the World; he is a shining star for his home town, Gouyave, Grenadians everywhere and citizens around the globe.


We are probably witnessing a once in a life time youth champion who has branded the gift of hard-work, hope, humility, love, peace and respect to a world that's crying out for such characteristics. Kirani, we give you our global support and love for using your championship success to empower, inspire, and unite all people. You have seized every moment with grace to make a difference and the world applauds you, your family, your coaches, mentors and your close supporters.


It's evident that many, many talented young sport players in Grenada, the Caribbean and throughout the world may never reach national, regional and international prominence as Grenada's "Jaguar" Kirani James has already accomplished at age 19.


Kirani's achievements were not by accident, nor just an idea, or a wish. Kirani performed in a reality of readiness and commitment at each phase and each moment. Therefore, the basis for his success went beyond expectations. As a positive youth mentor; Kirani's outstanding admiration, brilliance, dedication, diligence, discipline, endurance, humility, patience, respect, sacrifice and support brand is touching media personnel, world leaders, parents and most importantly youths throughout the globe.


Kirani has beaten all odds of disappointments and hardship growing up without having basic needs from time to time. However, individuals, families, businesses and in particular his Gouyave community rallied and provided contributions and moral support so he could achieve his success. Kirani, from an early age, exhibited a profound and unique spirit of appreciation, humility and respect with an eternal sense -- not forgetting where he came from, giving back and helping bring unity to his home village, country and the world.

Hardship could not stop Kirani from his academic and sporting accomplishments; in fact he made history that will never be forgotten; winning a World championships in 2011 and the 2012 (London) Olympics 400 meters.


Kirani seized every moment to practice his running, even when he had no proper shoes or adequate facility to train. He showed up and respected his trainers, he appreciated the help of everyone, he embraced lofty goals to become a World and Olympics champion.


His call for leaders around the Caribbean to provide more resources for youth sports in his role as sport ambassador to his homeland, Grenada is worthy. Kirani's actions are a clear demonstration of "Seizing Every Moment" and taking it to the "Top". We salute your contributions and the small but significant ways in which you inspire the World.

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