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Less than an iota of brain power was utilized in making this glaringly obvious choice. The story is well-documented -- a young man from the rambunctious enclave of Gun Battle, Gouyave, St. John makes good on a meteoric rise through International Junior and Youth success to capture Olympic Gold.


It is estimated that the Island of Grenada was formed through volcanic eruption about two million years ago; and if there are Grenadians around two million years from now, those 43 point-something seconds in London on August 6th will remain a part of our Island's folklore. The story of an unassuming 18 year-old whose touching gesture in the semi-final stage of the 400m competition almost over-shadowed his athletic prowess.


The other more impressive power of Kirani has been his unifying effect on a nation that has resorted to discordant color schemes as a means of showing political allegiance. The genuine and unbridled joy of ALL Grenadians, across all sectors of society -- both on the day of victory in London and on his arrival to the Spice Isle less than a month later, restored one's confidence in Grenada's motto, "Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People."


Kirani's victory was both validation and inspiration. Validation to those who, over the years, have toiled; athletes, administrators, parents, coaches, teachers, whose victories, although not as momentous as Kirani's, still makes them winners.


Off course Kirani will inspire a new generation of eager, determined young people who will exchange the philosophy of excuses for the philosophy of real and distinct possibilities, not only on the track but in all aspects of life.


Made In Grenada salutes Kirani James on all that he has done for the Spice Isle so far and we fervently await further opportunities of celebration and euphoria from a most appropriate Ambassador, a most qualified representative of an island-nation still in its formative stages.

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