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·        Collect and store water in clean, non-corrosive and mostly tightly covered containers both in and out of your refrigerator. To increase shelf life of water, group bottles in dark plastic trash bags to keep light out.

·        Store enough water for each member of your family and pet. Have at least a minimum of three days supply, of thirty-five gallons per person, per day for domestic use.

·        Store water in bath tubs, drums, pails and buckets for flushing of toilet, washing and general cleaning.

·        Store containers in a cool, dark location.

·        Adhere to public advisories from NAWASA with regards to shutting off water tanks and individual property connections. Your water can be shut off at either the outlet valve or the water meter. Everyone in your home should know where these are located.


ü  As far as Grenlec is concerned, they remind customers to prepare for the potential of power outages and to stay safe. They are ready to respond to service problems that occur.

ü  Please be mindful that the rain and wind may cause trees and branches to hit overhead lines, bringing wires down and leaving customers out of power. Please stay away from downed lines, as they may be live and report them by calling 237. Do not touch downed wires or touch water that is in contact with downed wires.

ü  Please report service problems by calling 237.  When reporting an outage, please have your account number and the number of the nearest pole available, if possible.

ü  Report all downed wires to Grenlec immediately.  Call 237.

ü  If your power goes out, disconnect or turn off appliances that would otherwise turn on automatically when service is restored.

ü  Charge your mobile phones.

ü  Check to make sure your flashlights and any battery-operated radios or other devices televisions are in working order. Make sure you have a supply of extra batteries.

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