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St. George -- These are images of a busy Saturday-before-Christmas morning in the heart of St. George.  Buses were crowded, streets were congested, and business places jammed as Grenadians flocked to do their last minute shopping amid what some have described as the nation's worst economic slump -- EVER!!!


Anyone not knowing the true nature of Grenadians would never have believed their eyes as banking institutions recorded lines which extended to their doors over the past week.  And, with that, the customary complaining about economic woes had subsided.


On Saturday, two cruise ships added to the throngs as the Emerald Princess and the Thompson Dream berthed with more than 4,600 passengers and over 2,000 crew.


But, just wait!  Once the holiday season has ended, and the bucks are gone, no doubt --- the whinning will be back!  Totally forgetting the abundance which they had just recently enjoyed.  Just one of those things about mankind that is so difficult to understand.

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