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Written by George Grant

On, Sunday, April 5, we successfully transitioned our operations to the YouTube platform with our broadcast of SUNDAYS WITH GEORGE GRANT — something we have been promising to do for several months, now.

This new platform continues to offer you full interactivity, improved audio and video quality and less of the distractions associated with our previous platform.

Our broadcast times remain unchanged, as follows:

SUNDAYS: 09:00 AM TO NOON Sundays with George Grant
WEEKDAYS: 08:00 PM TO 09:00 Guddnite Grenada
MONDAYS: 05:00 PM TO 06:00 Law Made Simple

As has always been the case, all of our programs will be archived on our YouTube channel following each broadcast; as well as on our website, www.grenadabroadcast.com. Later on this week, even the ‘live’ broadcasts will also be seen on the website.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications whenever we are going ‘live’ and remember to share this great news with your friends.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


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