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  1. The Press Release put out on the 24th by Cabral Douglas representing that those who helped to source funding for printing the book Changing Caribbean Constitutions (2nd edn 2015) were seeking thereby to bribe the author  is plainly ridiculous. So says the author of the book, Dr Francis Alexis.
  2. Alexis observes that many universities such as UWI, Cambridge and Oxford, themselves print and publish books. They do so, Alexis adds, to propagate knowledge, spread learning, increase information, enhance enlightenment; all for the development of civilisation.
  3. These grounds and goals are particularly relevant to each Caribbean Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It establishes or adopts the organs of the state, namely, the Head of States, Parliament, Government, Opposition and the Judiciary; as well as other institutions as the Public Service Commission. It protects fundamental human rights and freedoms of the individual. The more knowledge people have about the Constitution, the better are the prospects for peace, justice, good governance and national development.
  4. That is why the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals expressly include as such a goal “the promoting of peace, justice and strong institutions.”
  5. No wonder in 1991 the Dean of the Faculty of Law, UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados, sourced funding to print a book on the Constitution of Grenada, and invited Alexis to write that book. UWI and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) jointly paid to print the book in Barbados. Its name is The Constitution and You: Grenada (1991).
  6. So too, in 2007 the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court sourced funding to print a book on the history and development of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court; and invited Alexis to write that book. Its title is Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court: Model Regional Court (2007).
  7. Similarly, in 2015 the JURIST Project, administering funding put up by DFATD from Canada, paid printers in Dominica to print Changing Caribbean Constitutions (2nd edn 2015).
  8. Certain private sector bodies paid printers in Barbados to print the book H. Aubrey Fraser: Eminent Caribbean Jurist (1985) which Alexis wrote.
  9. ‘None of the above institutions, private sector bodies, no individual, has ever attempted improperly to influence what I write; to suggest that their paying to print my book is an attempt to bribe me, is pathetically absurd’, Alexis comments. When Universities, public agencies and private sector bodies pay to print scholarly works, they fight ignorance, they do not attempt to bribe the scholar.
  10. Moreover, Alexis adds, he was nominated to the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission, not by Sir Dennis Byron; but jointly by the CARICOM Secretary-General and the OECS Director-General.
  11. Considering all the above, Alexis says, that Press Release by Cabral Douglas is obviously libellous. So, Alexis has instructed his Lawyers to begin the process of seeking justice in the Courts against Cabral Douglas.





Reader's opinions
  1. Isaac JOSEPH   On   October 27, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Comment*JUSTICE? What justice is Francis seeking, hasn’t he heard of the old saying …JUSTICE IS NOT, THE LAW MY FRIEND MUST TAKE ITS COURSE? My understanding is that no one gets justice while the law takes its course and the legal luminaries argue in favour of their clients whether right or wrong and which one has more financial clout to the point where he/she will buy off both attorneys to win. Dr there is no justice in the law courts but your money may buy you a win.

  2. Isaac JOSEPH   On   October 27, 2017 at 8:00 am

    The CCJ must now be seen as a ‘dead deceased duck’ which no one will have anything to do with its un trustworthiness and bias rulings. In my life span and particular recent years there has been so many cases of delayed court rulings to the point that the wrong doer goes free while the victims or his/her next of kin suffer great loss. Can we in this Caribbean region trust the legal system or even the CCJ which although still not instituted in all the gov’t of the region is now proving to be already corrupt?

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