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Enough is enough!!!!  So says the acting president of the Grenada Steel Band Association, David “Peck” Edwards.  At a media conference held on Wednesday afternoon, the association’s public relations officer, Brian Sylvester again called for the resignation of the entire board of Spicemas and announced — contrary to a statement issued by the Government Information […]

Brimming with pageantry and artistic expression linked to Grenada’s, African, French, British and Caribbean heritage, Carnival is colourful, humorous and full of surprises. This is a time when the nation comes together to enjoy the celebration of its history and culture in the most picturesque manner. And welcomes hundreds of visitors to do the same. […]

Two weeks ago, the Catholic Pharisees in Grenada were in a tizzy over plans to have the Ordination Ceremony for the new Bishop at Spice Basket and not the built and dedicated Cathedral in St. George’s. For a moment, they failed to remember that Peter’s offer to build a tent for the Lord was refused. […]

The government of Grenada will launch an investigation into the circumstances which led to the postponement of the National Panorama Championships which were scheduled for Saturday August 12th at the National Stadium. The Government is extremely concerned about the fact that Panorama did not take place as planned and pan lovers, as well as pan […]

NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS APPEALS FOR RESPONSIBLE REVELING AS CARNIVAL CLIMAXES Grenada’s main opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress, is appealing to the general public to revel responsibly as the carnival season climaxes. Political Leader Nazim Burke made the special appeal just days after Barbados’ Kadooment Day was marred by a shooting incident which left scores […]

Eight bands will be competing in Panorama 2017 which will be held at the National Stadium on Saturday 12th August. It will be held in the Rawle Lewis/Junior Murray stand of the Stadium. The show will commence at 8:00pm. Order of appearance: Florida All Stars Pan Oasia Grand Roy Pan Angels Republic Bank Angel Harps […]

Over the last three decades, the “Rainbow City Festival” has developed to become a Brand in its own right. The editorial  in one of our local newspaper in August 2015 captured most  of what the annual  Rainbow city   Festival  and  Emancipation Celebration in the State of Grenada was, before  other parishes  and the city of […]

Toronto’s carnival made good on some of its early promise to deliver social initiatives, but 50 years on it has never lived up to its euphoric possibilities to tangibly benefit the Black and Caribbean communities Fifty years after they flew in coconut trees from the islands and replanted them on Olympic Island, it’s easy to […]

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With Grenada in the middle of the Spicemas Season, the Grenada Cultural Foundation reminds the public of the upcoming milestone in Grenada’s history – that of Emancipation. The celebrations for 2017 will be seen as significant to our Carnival culture which began on August 1, 1838 (Emancipation Day), 179 years ago. The day, which heralded […]

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