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At its first weekly media conference since last weeks clean sweep in the elections, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) faced the media on Monday to a barrage of questions from local media. Political Leader, Nazim Burke spent a great deal of his time lamenting the challenges which his party faced in its 15-nil loss to […]

Wrestlers, nuns and ‘independent’ monitors are caught on video fixing votes as Russian strongman ‘cruises to victory with more than 70% of the vote’ so he can rule for six more years Authorities spent unprecedented funds to ensure he has a strong mandate for his next six years in office As he cast his ballot […]

PART I Personal Reflections As I entered the Marian Multi-purpose Centre to cast my vote on March 13, 2018, I reflected on the twists, turns, highs and lows of Grenadian politics. I observed the elderly with walkers and wheelchairs. Thirty-nine years ago, on March 13, 1979, most of them were labourers, domestic workers and store […]

THE GENERAL ELECTIONS OF GRENADA MARCH 13, 2018 At the invitation of the Government of Grenada, the CARICOM Secretariat constituted an eleven-member team to observe Grenada’s Parliamentary Election held March 13, 2018. The Mission was led by Ms. Pauline Welsh, Director of Legal Affairs, Research and Development at the Electoral Commission of Jamaica and comprised […]

Today, March 16, 2018, I did not have the heart to watch the charade of a new government sworn into office knowing the depths to which our election process had descended.  It was an entirely one-sided and uneven playing field. This is not what democracy is all about. People should be presented with the issues […]

In yesterday’s poll, the people spoke loudly and clearly on what they want for themselves, their families and their country. The result is not what many of us expected and we are indeed very disappointed. Nonetheless, I extend my congratulations to all of the Candidates of the NNP, especially to my opponent, Peter David. Even […]

THE ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES IN GRENADA March 14, 2018 The Electoral Experts Mission of the Organization of American States in Grenada, led by the OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Nestor Mendez, congratulates the people of Grenada on the democratic commitment demonstrated in their peaceful and enthusiastic participation in the General Elections of Tuesday, March […]

For the third time, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has played second fiddle to the New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell at the polls by way of a clean-sweep.  Taking all 15 seats, the NNP brought to an end what has been a closely fought election season, in what turned into a relatively […]

The Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce extends congratulations to Dr. Keith Mitchell and the NNP on their victory at the polls on March 13th 2018. The people have spoken and given their overwhelming support to the New National Party. This mandate to govern comes with the expectation of responsible inclusive governance. The people of […]

ANOTHER LANDSLIDE!!!! CARRIACOU AND PETITE MARTINIQUE Kindra Mathurine Stewart (NNP) defeated Tevin Camilloh Andrews (NDC) ST. ANDREW SOUTH EAST Emmalyn Pierre (NNP) defeated (Patrick Simmons (NDC) ST. ANDREW SOUTH WEST Yoland Bain-Horsford (NNP) defeated Sylvester Quarless (NDC) ST. ANDREW NORTH EAST Kate Skita Lewis (NNP) defeated Terry Glenroy Hillaire (NDC) ST. ANDREW NORTH WEST Delma […]

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