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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is finalizing its 2018 campaign manifesto – it’s ideas and vision for creating jobs and opportunities for our people and for improving healthcare. The NDC is inviting the public – for the first time in Caribbean history – to contribute substantively to the development of positive plans and ideas for […]

A loan that was taken by the British Government to pay slave owners for the abolition of slavery in 1834 was not fully repaid until 2015. This disclosure was made by Vice-Chancellor of The UWI and Chair of the CARICOM Reparations Commission, Sir Hilary Beckles at a press conference hosted at the University of the West Indies on Wednesday morning. […]

Dey ask me dat question, so ah answering, “YES” boldly, as I have not been given the spirit of fear. Begin by recognizing that 2018 is ‘The Year of the Young Voter’! Ponder this reality well! Secondly, where human beings are concerned, nothing is cast in stone. Opinions can change very quickly, whether due to […]

On Tuesday, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) nominated capable, serious, independent-minded candidates in all fifteen (15) constituencies in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique – a team of professionals, committed to putting people first. “Our team is a combination of experience and youthfulness – new ideas and veteran wisdom,” noted NDC Leader V. Nazim Burke. “The […]

Grenada is actually a very young nation. Demographically, young people constitute almost sixty percent of the population. For the upcoming General Elections, young people represent about forty percent of the electorate. In consideration of this powerful fact, 2018 may well be ‘The Year of the Young Voter’. Today, alarming numbers of our young people find […]

An apology is usually uttered by using three of the simplest words, namely. “I am sorry”. However, for many, these are the three most difficult words to say. I am sorry engenders feelings of vulnerability and weakness. But in the eyes of stronger persons, I am sorry shows genuineness, humility, honesty and humanness. Persons who […]

As events take shape beneath the surface of the border dispute between Venezuela and Guyana, on February 7, Brazilian President Michel Temer sent a high level delegation to Guyana and Suriname to pledge military support to defend Guyana in case Venezuela attempted to invade the disputed Essequibo area. READ MORE

Voting is undertaken as a solemn duty by some; but, for others, it is a mere transaction! For some, voting is an opportunity to exact retribution for some personal reason. Continuing, some may vote with a grievance or let-down in mind. So, the motivation to vote ranges from responsibility, gratitude and reward, to revulsion, punishment […]

The Parliamentary Elections Office has dismissed claims, made by the opposition National Democratic Congress, that the names of some people on the voters’ list are being transferred from one constituency, to another. Voter and Civic Registration Officer, Ferdinand Phillip, maintains that in any constituency Commonwealth Citizens who have resided in Grenada for a period of […]

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