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In keeping with the commitments of the Code of Political Conduct, the Civil Society Organisations will be embarking on a series of community fora featuring the various candidates offering themselves for office. The fora will provide an opportunity for candidates to engage in debates or discussions with their would-be constituents and each other in a […]

How long will that love affair between Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Chester Humphrey last? Both men are cunning as a fox and unquestionably have a quenching passion for political power and dominance. Dr. Mitchell is the NNP and his mere followers dare not challenge him; but they all adore even his worst qualities in […]

Last week, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) called on a joint independence celebration. We believe that on a day of national unity, the best way to show unity is to stand together, hand in hand, committed to building a Grenada that puts people first. The NNP disagreed. They turned a government funded rally and concert […]

A video that went viral from Hazel Douglas has highlighted the healthcare crisis that exists in Grenada. “The viral video from Hazel Douglas shows just how much of a healthcare crisis we have in this country. When Grenadians need to see a doctor, all too often there are none available,” said Adrian Thomas, the NDC […]

NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS Adrian Thomas, Candidate, St. David Randall Robinson, PRO NDC


The faces of some of Grenada’s youth who are determined to bring about change in Grenada’s political landscape.  They were captured during the February 4 edition of SUNDAYS WITH GEORGE GRANT. Click here to listen

MIAMI—Russia is solidifying its footing close to U.S. shores, in the Caribbean, a region Moscow abandoned after the Cold War and has gradually returned to with investment, diplomacy and military hardware. In recent months Russia has developed a multidimensional relationship with the tiny nation of Grenada, whose name has resonated with many Americans since President […]

The National Democratic Congress will suspend campaigning on Independence Day and has called for unity of all parties on this day. “It would be fantastic if the entire slate of NDC and NNP candidates could appear together at an event, where both Dr. Mitchell and I addressed the crowd,” noted NDC Leader Nazim Burke. “Politics […]

Today, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) challenges the New National Party (NNP) to sign a joint bribery pledge which commits both parties not to bribe the electorate. In addition to that commitment, the pledge calls on the Police to open a hotline for allegations of voter bribery to be reported and calls on the NNP […]

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