The National Honours and Awards Act No. 32 of 2007, was established to provide for the grant of awards to citizens of Grenada and other persons for distinguished, outstanding or meritorious services or achievements, or for gallantry and related matters. The public is hereby invited to submit nominations for the following Awards:- The Order of […]

During last Thursday’s edition of MEK WE CHAT, Senate President, Chester Humphrey happened to be listening and took issue with a young guest on the program who was suggesting that vulgarity was acceptable.  He pulled over onto the side of the road and called in to share his views. SENATOR HUMPHREY

The Save the Camerhogne Pak Committee, on Wednesday afternoon, shared with the local media the final version of the Resolution it hopes all political parties and independent candidates contesting the up-coming General Elections will soon be given an opportunity to sign, confirming their commitment to preserve the park for recreational use for future generations. Camerhogne […]

The Most Distinguished Order of the Nation which is an Order of Knighthood consisting of six grades and associated prefixes and post nominals: Knight Grand Collar (KN) or Dame Grand Collar(DN) Knight Grand Cross (GCNG) or Dame Grand Cross(DGNG) Knight Commander (KCNG) or Dame Commander(DCNG) Commander (CNG) Officer (ONG) Member (MNG) Citizens of other countries may be admitted […]

On Sunday 08/10/17, I was listening to SWGG, as always. I find this programme highly educational, informative, creative and inspiring – this is the medium that makes Grenadians proud of their cultural heritage. I appreciated the two ladies from the GTA for their enthusiastic response regarding their planned activities designed to entertain visitors to our […]

Plans are well on stream of the hosting of the third annual Corn Festival carded for Sunday October 29th 2017. Known for growing a large quantity of corn, the island will again witness a wide variety of products prepared from corn on sale including: coo-coo, corn bread, corn cake, conkie – ‘paime”, corn porridge and corn-kebabs. The 2017 […]


Following a recent news interview in respect of Carnival Rules relative to the Wearing of Masks and Dominoes, the RGPF wishes to correct the perception that a ban has been declared on masks/dominoes for Carnival. They clearly state that the Royal Grenada Police Force in no way intends to ban the use of masks or […]

THE GRENADA REVOLUTION – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Relations between the Cuban military advisors in Grenada and the officers of the Grenadian Revolutionary Army (PRA) were generally very good, often warm on a personal level, throughout the four and a half years of the revolution. However, growing disagreements developed between the military advisors and our top […]

THOSE ABROAD The Africans who came here during slavery had no choice; they did not decide to migrate. Europeans captured and enslaved them for kingdom expansion and financial gain. By the end of slavery, our forefathers then, being three or more generations removed, hardly knew where their roots were in West Africa, far less what […]

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