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Relations between the Cuban military advisors in Grenada and the officers of the Grenadian Revolutionary Army (PRA) were generally very good, often warm on a personal level, throughout the four and a half years of the revolution.

However, growing disagreements developed between the military advisors and our top PRA officers over the correct military tactics and even fundamental strategy for the defence of Grenada and the Grenadian Revolution..

How these disagreements got resolved in virtually every case would have a profound bearing on the tragic events of October 1983.

One of the first disputes was over the location of the PRA’ Permanent Battalion (PB). The Cubans insisted that the PB should be stationed on the tiny peninsula of Calivigny on Grenada’s south coast. The Grenadian military comrades believed this would be unwise.

The Permanent Battalion was conceptualized and implemented as the only permanent military force of battalion strength in Grenada’s army. It was to be the key to the defence of the country, should there be an invasion.

In insisting that the battalion be based at Calivigny, the Cuban advisors argued that during an invasion, it would abandon its base at Calivigny and proceed to Fort Frederick which was close to and overlooked the nation’s capital; and had an excellent view of all possible sites (aerial and seaborne) of any invasion force.

More in the book: ‘THE GRENADA REVOLUTION: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?” written by Bernard Coard.

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  1. Isaac Opee Joseph   On   August 31, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Comment*What really happened according to Bernard does not really matter now since he alone is allowed to tell what (really) happened and which is likely to sell more of his books to make him a fortune , telling how he masterminded the sufferings of families and is now trying to enrich himself; the wise Grenadians will refuse to purchase his “tell story” book….They should all be left on the bookshelves to disintegrate.

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