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In the Grenada Broadcast News item dated August 10th 2018: ‘Has Representation of the People Act been violated by Attorney General?’ and accompanying audio clip, the Acting Attorney General of Grenada announced the launch of a quiz, meant to keep the discussion on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) alive in order to prevent what took place in November 2016.

An Acting Attorney General who makes an attempt to keep a discussion alive during a festive season in Grenada could never be serious. The truth is, Grenadians have not been engaged in any meaningful discussions pertaining to Grenada’s accession to the Caribbean Court of Justice. Instead, their original concerns about the local court system and final choice of an appellate court, already made abundantly clear in November 2016, have been ignored.

It was disrespectful enough to ignore the results of a referendum; and now it is abundantly clear that an important decision such as choosing an appellate court for yet a second time, was reduced to a quiz among a nation involved with Carnival Celebrations. The CCJ Advisory Committee’s choice reflects total disregard for the human beings who live on the islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique and the Committee seemed to have flunked its responsibility and delegated it to a QUIZ. Another threat to the democratic process in Grenada and an abuse of the voting rights of its people. This is alarming and virtually insane.

Fundamental rights and freedoms in Grenada were threatened in the past General Elections; and continue with the announcement by the Attorney General that the intention of this “discussion and quiz” is to avoid what took place in November 2016 when Grenadians exercised their democratic rights to vote.

Is the Acting Attorney General serious? And is it being implied that such rights as the rights to vote should be avoided? If so, then duties are being compromised and there is conflict of interest. Winning tickets to carnival shows and promising prizes after, add up to offering bribes for votes in favour of the CCJ. It is also corruption at its best, wrongful influence and breaking the law.
There is a serious lack of leadership skills in Grenada; one that has no regard for basic human principles and the rule of law. This is very disappointing and in need of urgent attention.
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