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The Most Distinguished Order of the Nation which is an Order of Knighthood consisting of six grades and associated prefixes and post nominals:

  1. Knight Grand Collar (KN) or Dame Grand Collar(DN)
  2. Knight Grand Cross (GCNG) or Dame Grand Cross(DGNG)
  3. Knight Commander (KCNG) or Dame Commander(DCNG)
  4. Commander (CNG)
  5. Officer (ONG)
  6. Member (MNG)

Citizens of other countries may be admitted to the order as members ad honorem.

Much like other royal or national Orders of other Commonwealth realms such as the United KingdomAustraliaNew ZealandBarbados and Antigua and Barbuda, Knights Grand Collar, Knights Grand Cross and Knights Commanders (categories 1, 2 and 3 above) are entitled to prefix the title Sir, and Dames Grand Collar, Dames Grand Cross and Dames Commanders to prefix Dame, to their forenames for life.[1]Permission to use these titles outside Grenada remain the prerogative of each jurisdiction.

Wives of Knights may prefix Lady to their surname, but no equivalent privilege exists for husbands of Dames. Such forms are not used by peers and princes, except when the names of the former are written out in their fullest forms. All grades of the Order come with post nominals of their grade.[1]

The wife is “LADY (Surname) not “LADY (Christian name)


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