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The question is, why am I getting involved in party politics?

Brothers and sisters, I have taken time off to ponder the magnitude of the challenge, and the social and economic crisis we are experiencing.  And I have concluded that what we need are fresh, good, and honest people if we desire a better Grenada – a better society and a brighter future.

Brothers and sisters I strongly believe that the NDC has the team of competent people to fix the problems. Equally important their track record demonstrates that they put Grenada first and have a burning passion to develop a new and progressive nation.

However, dismantling what I call the “state cabal” will not be easy because greedy people — extremely greedy people who are entrenched in the cabal, are ready to struggle to protect their earthly paradise.

They have plenty dirty money circulating across the country to buyout the unsuspecting, as well as those who have a burning passion for the earthly paradise.

Tonight I call on all Grenadian Christians to recognize the exploitation of state resources; such as the selling of our passports for personal enrichment.

The most dangerous piece of corruption being practiced by the government is demanding that recipients of school uniforms and other necessities provide their voter ID Card as an Identification to the office of the NNP.

It’s quite obvious that the party will use the data to its advantage – Ask yourself,“Why not the NIS Card?”

No decent thinking people will take tax payers’ money and use it in such a vulgar manner to exploit the poor. Shame on you Prime Minister Mitchell!

My vision for the new and the Great South is a Constituency being the gold standard in Grenada – through enterprise, community spirit – united in action and sharing prosperity.

Brothers and sisters, we are 60 plus villages anchoring Grenada – the financial heartland of the nation.  As a people, we ought to work harder and smarter, and increase our productivity to deliver the New and Great South

Our “Big Ticket” proposals are creating the Great South Footprint.

Build a multi-purpose skills training center with endowments from area business;

Introduce the Great South Music project for 500 youth every two years;

Creating a program in conjunction with the Ministry of Education for the Great South school enhancement of our students, focusing on excellence;

A jobs bank for the unskilled and introduction of the Great South Extravaganza — echoes of 1969.

Brothers and sisters, these are not pie in the sky!  Each is achievable, if we believe we can achieve them all.

I am confident that the leadership of Nazim Burke and, more importantly, his work ethics, will inspire us all.

The South is the biggest contributor to our GDP – SGU alone contributes 25 percent!!!!! Catering for our further development ought to be an urgent priority.  Hence we desire a more efficient road network from the South into the City. It will cost plenty money, but it brings jobs and immediate economic development to the South and Grenada.

Health in the South (the medical center in the Limes) must be upgraded. I am told the doctor comes twice or three times per week and sees 30 people.  At times many have to return home and pray that the next day he or she gets the opportunity to see him/her. – Also that That health facility must also have the capacity to stabilize a patience who gets into a serious accident; because 15 minutes it takes to get to the hospital could be a matter of life and death!!!  Youcould be dead, since the roads in the South are all jammed with traffic.

Finally – we shall preserve Camerhogne Park – and sports and culture will have an NDC government that is second to none in promoting the arts.

Pure Grenada needs leaders who are environmentally conscious; and the elimination of the pit latrine to which we are so committed. We shall develop a program facilitate change.

South St. George, I have worked in the Government service for 36 years – General Secretary of the Trade Union Council for 18 successive years – I have served with the Public Service Union for 25 years – the longest serving executive member.  I am involved in the social and economic life of Grenada and I have tons of energy to work for you. South St. George in humility I ask you to give serious consideration to my request. I shall not disappoint you


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