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Under the theme “Services – the future is now”, the second annual services Expo, hosted by the Grenada Coalition of Services Industries (GCSI) opens at the Grenada Trade Center at 10.00 am this morning and will last over the next two days, showcasing the services of some 35 service producers (up from 25 in 2017) in many diverse fields ranging from Architectural and Engineering services, Financial Services, Education, Training, Professional Services, Telecommunications, computer programming, online Marketing, advertising, robotics, fashion, entertainment, Health & Wellness and more.

As announced earlier, the formal opening ceremony will, however, take place at 1.30 pm (3 ½ after the scheduled start) to allow officials and media personnel attending the opening of the new parliament building, to be a part of the proceedings.

According to the Chairman of GCSI – Mr. Jude Bernard, “there are three distinct dimensions to this year’s Expo. First, there is typical trade and consumer show, represented by the traditional display booths, then there is the educational /promotional dimension, in the form of 30-minute presentation slots by some exhibitors and other professionals. And, finally, the Expo will feature the creative side of Grenada’s services industries, with live performances from some of Grenada’s top musicians and artistes from 4.00 to 6.00 pm on day 1 and from 4.00 to 7.00 pm on day 2.

Thursday evening will see performances from Spice Isle Strings, Cecil Bartholomew on the guitar, Kedi Hood on pan and Project Friends (fresh from their Rhythm of Spice performances), while, on the final evening (Friday), patrons will be given a sneak preview of what to expect during the upcoming Calypso and Soca Season, as a number of artistes will be doing their first public performances of their 2018 songs.

Chairman Bernard, has extended an invitation to all Grenadians and residents of all ages and walks of life to come out and support the 2-day event in return for a contribution of just $1 for adults 18 and over. There are lots of door prizes to be won. Attendance is free for everyone under 18 years of age.


Dates: June 21 and 22
Venue: Grenada Trade Centre, Morne Rouge
The main Objectives of the Services Expo are:
[] To highlight the importance of Services to the Grenada’s economy
[] To create awareness of the wide range of services currently produced locally
[] To create awareness of the potential that services offer for employment, self-employment, import substitution, export generation and economic development
[] To heighten interest of the population, especially the young, in becoming involved in services as a business and career
[] To highlight to policy-makers and financial institutions the need to give greater support to services-related fields and endeavours

The Grenada Coalition of Service industries (GCSI) is an umbrella organization, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade with the mandate to identify, organize and develop local producers of potentially exportable services, and guiding them to a state of “export-readiness” so they can contribute more significantly to employment creation, foreign exchange generation and national economic development.

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