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One People, One Country, Our Responsibility!

On this very auspicious occasion, the 44th anniversary of independence of our great State of Grenada, I wish each and every one of my fellow Grenadians, a happy Independence Day.

While we honour what we have achieved on this journey to maturity, we must acknowledge and reflect upon our path as a nation.

The achievements of our people have been great, our talents tested on the world stage; and there is no doubt that our people are our best resource and indeed our best hope.

We observe this anniversary in the midst of a general election campaign when the issues which must occupy our thoughts as citizens are the same ones , and if not addressed urgently, will push us further off the road of independence.

This year’s anniversary theme is “One People, One Country, Our Responsibility” and no matter what divides us at various points in our history, the undeniable truth is that we are in this together.

We must commit to the revitalization of our abandoned productive sectors, demanding of our leaders the same deep commitment to ensuring that the Grenadian people and its businesses come first; and therefore we must support and protect our producers of this dear land.  We must seek leadership that believes in producing our way out of debt and poverty, and back onto a path of sustained economic growth.

It is our responsibility as Grenadians to work hard to secure for ourselves and our children the right to live in a country of Hope and possibilities; where achievement is valued, where the Grenadian spirit is encouraged to burn in each of us, no matter who we are.

If we are to become truly independent, we cannot desire a nation where our local block manufacturers for instance, are forced to watch their market eaten up by a “next door” giant from a friendly country, under the approving eyes of your government.

I am proud to be a son of Grenada, a nation builder in service to my fellow Grenadians and a protector of my nation and the interests of my people.

As we move forward as One People, let’s work with diligence and a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to begin the process of creating one, truly independent country.

May God bless our people and our beautiful nation.

Terry  Forrester

Founder and Political Leader; Grenada Progressive Movement; Candidate for the constituency of South St. George.


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