Written by on April 30, 2018

Since General Elections on March 13th, I have been hearing a number of constituents complaining about the unavailability of their MPs – to the point where telephone numbers had been changed.

I have been requesting to meet mine in Carriacou since 20th March – one week after the elections  – yet my request has been ignored, without even acknowledgement of receipt, thus prompting me to write this poem.

I would be delighted if the topic of the unavailability of parliamentary representatives to their constituents in Grenada could be addressed on your next program of Mek We Chat.


People of Carriacou & Petite Martinique
When last have you seen our M. P.?
I have been requesting to see her for more than a month
But I am still giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Member of Parliament for Petite Martinique & Carriacou
We know that you listen to what is said about you
So call the Talk Show programs to show that you care
Or go into the studios – so we could call you there.

I am calling on Minister Kindra Mathurine-Stewart:
Before the Elections, you came begging for we vote
You were ‘campaigning on the ground & in the air’
Now you, we can neither see nor hear.

Minister Kindra Mathurine-Stewart,
Time for your constituents, you must find to devote
But since the Elections, you have become so remote
Do we have to meet you in the plane or in the boat?

Minister Kindra Mathurine-Stewart,
You must have a constituency office in the town
Or are you still in the election campaign mode
That you must ‘keep moving’ and just ‘can’t sit down’?

Minister Kindra Mathurine-Stewart
The people of your constituency answered your call
So ignoring us now could be your downfall
Be attentive and make time for us all.

Minister Kindra Mathurine-Stewart
Tell us the time and place for us to come out
We have so much to discuss and lots to vent
Including, this time, about our Local Government.

Minister and MP for Carriacou & Petite Martinique
Your predecessor was removed for being a dead-beat
So being like him, try never to repeat
Just be yourself, be efficient and you would be unique.


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