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Written by  Ria Murray

In recent weeks, the Grenada Tourism Authority, which includes our source market representatives, has been collaborating proactively to keep our destination ‘Top of Mind’ with the global audience. Social Media is currently one of our primary communication channels at the moment as we battle COVID-19 as a destination.

Our initial Social Media Strategy has been to share messages of empathy globally, expressing that we are ‘all in this together’ and to ‘stay safe’. Our social media platforms and e-mail signatures have been updated with a ‘Stay Safe’ creative; and a ‘we look forward to a “welcoming you back soon” message.

From a public relations perspective, we have been sharing good news stories about the destination. Our amazing local distillery companies’ moves to produce hand sanitizers have been shared with all major media groups in the US, Canada, and UK and already Miami Herald has published a story on them.

Today Monday, April 6, we have launched a positive, digital campaign called #GrenadaDreaming and we ask you to support us by promoting the hashtag on your own platforms. The essence of the campaign is to share evocative images of the destination to inspire consumers to visit Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the future: to ‘dream today and travel tomorrow’. We have so much amazing content to share on our food, drinks, culture, music, nature, community, sustainability, etc. that the world needs right now.

Please share our new #GrenadaDreaming video https://youtu.be/EOxJQA-lHxs with your online community and we encourage you and your friends to share content online about the destination using the hashtag #GrenadaDreaming.

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