Written by on July 13, 2018

Recently the Permanent Secretary of Education Finlay Jeffery also known as Scholar released a song in which he took aim at the CEO of Spicemas Corporation, Kirk Seetahal. While Calypso is often used for social commentary, Finlay Jeffery’s song was simply offensive in that it attacked Mr. Seetahal’s sexual orientation through references such as “he does not like pum pum”.

The song is lewd, offensive and discriminatory on its own. But, when it comes from a civil servant it is simply troubling, especially one as influential as a Permanent Secretary. What kind of message does it send when officials like Mr. Jeffery perform songs that are an affront to the human rights values that we hold so dear? It is important that we hold him accountable for his actions and send a strong message that discrimination will not be tolerated.

We must not tolerate anything that demeans women, children, LGBTQI people or promote violence. We must work towards building a society that is based on respect of all people regardless of our differences. We must not only condemn the Permanent Secretary of Education Finlay Jeffery, but also the other “artist” who are performing equally offensive songs.

Let us work together to build a society that is inclusive. Let us come together as a community of people to condemn bigotry in all its forms. Join GrenCHAP in condemning not only Finlay Jeffery’s song, but all other songs that a demeaning. Join us and demand the end to bigotry! Let us work as one people, one family and one nation to build a more equitable society for all people who call Grenada home.

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