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Sandra C.A. Ferguson
Richmond Hill, St. George’s
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March 24th, 2018

Hon. Peter David
Member of Parliament
Town of St. George’s

Hon. David,

Elections 2018, Unauthorized Occupation of Pedestrian Plaza et al

I take this opportunity to offer my congratulations on your TRIUMPHANT return as the elected representative of the Town of St. George. Of course, everyone looks forward with great anticipation to the swearing in ceremony and the high office that you will once again occupy in your capacity as an elected representative. We are also looking forward to seeing how your “political moves” are going to align with your WINNING election slogans – “the People’s Champion” and “Standing with the People”!! I am particularly looking forward to see on whose side the People’s Champion will be standing when it comes to the issue of Camerhogne Park.

“You Well Wuk”:
Hon. David, as we would say in local parlance, “yuh well wuk”! It was clear that the target of your campaign was the political demise of the NDC Leader, Nazim Burke. And of course you were well supported by the President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey. As I listened with AWE to you two “revolutionaries” and the venom-dripping speeches which sought to belittle and discredit your erstwhile “revolutionary comrade”, I was forced to remark for a second time, “if this is the substance that leader revolutionaries were/are made of, no wonder the Revolution fell like Humpty Dumpty”!

Perhaps, it is also an opportune moment for Grenada to recall that it was during the revolutionary period, that yard fowl became part of our popular political lingo. Perhaps “yard fowl” will make a return to political prominence. So it would do us all well to remember ole people wisdom, which reminds us that yard fowls are noisy creatures which CROW for their supper. Some owners FEED them, even FATTEN them and eventually, yard fowls end up in a POT to make a tasty stew!!!

Your Disciples:
Hon. David, you have very loyal and passionate “disciples’/supporters and perhaps, you may need to “rein in” some of them or else it could cause you SERIOUS EMBARRASSMENT. No doubt, these disciples and supporters would have given much to your political campaign and, given your ascent once again to high office, some of them may be OVERLY enthusiastic while some may even think that they can act with IMPUNITY.

Last Thursday, the day after the election holiday, I was walking along the Carenage Pedestrian Plaza, as I do quite regularly. As I was passing by the little bar, that is ILLEGALLY occupying the Plaza space and proudly sports one of your posters, an individual who is apparently associated with the bar starting THROWING WORD for me. I was quite taken aback but I went on my merry way. However, I do not take this incident lightly because it is alleged that some of your disciples were engaged in “incidents” during the election campaign including one of assaulting a reporter.

It would therefore be advisable Hon. David:-
That you influence your disciples and other passionate supporters to cease and desist from attempting to harass or intimidate persons who are perceived to be critics or opponents of your party and/or your politics.

That you assist the OPERATOR OF THE ILLEGAL BAR to find another appropriate location for this operation.

Hon. David, consider this my letter to welcome you back into office as one of “the people’s representatives”. Expect that it is the first of many more that may follow.

Kind regards!

Sandra C.A. Ferguson

Reader’s opinions
  1. Wayne   On   March 25, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    Come on Sandra I love reading your comments, but you wasted my time today. Guess you just want us to know that you are alive and well. lol

  2. Errol Charles   On   March 27, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    It appears that Peter will be held accountable and responsible for every squabble in the town of St. George or if someone sneezes, throws words, water and smoke when Sandra C.A. Ferguson passes by. These utterances are becoming more and more ridiculous, bizarre and desperate. When are they going to get over the resentment and bitterness that now overshadow them? It has been a very long while since I heard this expression “throwing words for me” and it seemed to have jumped right out of an anecdote by Chris DeRiggs or Urias Peters. Maybe it’s intended to provide some comic relief for those who are still depressed and disoriented by the election results. Sandra is usually an objective writer though antagonistic and controversial at times but this episode hits rock bottom.

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