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Grenada is a step closer to the restoration of state pensions, thanks to a memorandum of understanding which was signed on Monday.

Chairman of the Government’s Pension Engagement Committee Beryl Isaac described the handing over of the MOU as a memorable occasion.

She explained that there is commitment for the completion of all administrative work and negotiations by mid-year.

“Successive governments have attempted to resolve this problem but this is the closest that we have reached to a sure way forward,” said Isaac. “The Memorandum of Understanding we are exchanging sets out the guided principles which should govern the pension restoration and reform process.” The issue has been outstanding since the Pension Disqualification Act of 1983 came into being.

President General of the Technical and Allied Workers Union, Senator Andre Lewis says that the journey is not yet over, but that principles have been established; and he is now calling upon all concerned to continue along that course in the interest of all.

President General of the Grenada Union of Teachers, Lydon Lewis emphasized that the process continues, and reminded workers that monies will not begin flowing immediately.  He is hopeful that by June of this year, the ground work will be completed so that government and the unions will again meet to determine when the payments will begin.

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  1. " J.D." Duncan   On   February 20, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    It must be near election time: as the goodies and the bait gets rolled out. The ” We Will Deliver ” NNP last campaign season failed to deliver, it has not even left the station – or is it that it derailed, a terrible Keith Mitchell train wreck. A con-man that is epic failed leader. Crooks usually are !

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