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The long-awaited new Custom’s Regulations, SRO 13 of 2018 came into effect on May 25, 2018. This Law which is an upgrade of SRO 17 of 1961, will allow the staff of the Customs Division to streamline operations with its legislative obligations as outlined in the Customs Act 2015.

This regulation is part of an ongoing Customs Reform Agenda initiated by the Government of Grenada in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to enhance the services at ports of entry and maximize the efficiency of revenue collection.

The upgraded regulation will address the disparity between SRO 17 of 1961 and the upgraded Customs Act of 2015. This improvement in the legislative framework will enable both the Customs and Excise Division and stakeholders to function under all laws and regulations related to Customs with equity, integrity, and transparency, as well as facilitate the tenets of the Customs vision to enhance compliance and improve customer service.

The Custom’s Division has put the necessary systems in place to encourage all stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the entire document so that activities and decisions are made from an informed position going forward. To this end, a team has been put in place to implement and monitor the process.

There are some new sections under the Law, while others have been modified to reflect the current operating environment. Since some obligations are specific to brokers, agents, and traders, the implementation team has identified particular areas of mutual interest including; obligations under the Customs Computerized System, Customs Declarations, Inward and Outward Reporting, Warehousing and Payment for Additional Services.

The legal obligations dictates that the Customs Division implements the new provisions with immediate effect. It is the hope that the new legislative framework will engender continuous improvement in service delivery. Everyone concerned is urged to get familiar with the document as a matter of urgency. Customs Regulation 13 of 2018 is available for purchase at the Government Printery.

For questions or concerns on the Regulations and its implementation, please forward communications to [email protected] or [email protected] or call the Chairman of the Committee Ms. Karen Forsyth at telephone number 440-2240.

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