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1) Deliver a New Economy.

(2) Create jobs and more jobs for all who are willing and able to work.

(3) Provide tablets for every school child.

(4) Construct the Kirani James Stadium at Gouyave.

(5) Deliver internet access to every household.

(6) Provide hundreds of jobs within the first one hundred days of taking up office.

(7) Create a better healthcare system.

(8) End suffering in the land.

(9) Build a united country.

(10) Deliver a lower cost of living.

(11) Ministers would do less overseas travel.

(12) Encourage freedom of speech.

(13) Bring back foreign investors that were ‘lined up,’ waiting on the NDC to depart the scene.

(14) Deliver a ten dollars per day increase on road workers pay.

(15) Deliver three five star hotels on Grand Anse Beach.

(16) Deliver lower electricity rates.

(17) Deliver a new prison complex.

(18) Deliver lower VAT rates.

(19) Deliver a new parliament building.

(20) Deliver a building to be used as new police headquarters.

(21) Deliver growth in the construction industry.

(22) Deliver a better business atmosphere.

(23) Deliver a new boundaries delimitation deal with Trinidad.

(24) No further taxes on the ‘backs’ of Grenadians.

(25) No victimization.

(26) Deliver a better School Feeding Program.

(27) Develop a better education system.

(28)Provide a better standard of living for public servants.

(29) Track all government vehicles using GPS.

(30) Provide more opportunities for our youths.

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