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Glacier melt in Alaska

May 15th 2018, is being recognised across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States OECS as Climate Change Day. This designation is as a result of the OECS and the UNFCCC entering into a partnership which focuses on communication and awareness surrounding climate change and the Conference of Parties (COP) meetings.

This year’s focus on raising awareness in schools within the OECS is seen as an opportunity to heighten climate change awareness among young people whose future existence is seriously being impacted by climate change.

In Grenada, our tourism and agriculture sector are key in revenue generation and have already been impacted by changes in rainfall timing, duration and intensity, seasonality shifts, storm surge and erosion to name a few. This in turn can affect Grenada’s food security and foreign currency earning capacity.

To address these issues, everyone needs to play a part in climate resilience action!

The Environment Division has a number of activities planned including the line-Minister’s Address, live interviews, school visits, press releases, and a workshop and call to community groups to plan activities to raise awareness on climate change resilience action taking place.

Under the ICCAS project, the Environment Division has already been proactive for some years to raise awareness about climate change among youth. A climate change curriculum was developed and teachers trained to deliver lessons to the children of primary schools around Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Several other school activities have taken place, especially involving the 4H groups with the implementation of climate smart agriculture practices and rain-water harvesting systems. Two children’s books and a mobile app were also developed and distributed to schools around the island. Finally a song and video titled, “Can’t do it alone” was produced and aired on radio nationwide.

The key message is that climate change is real and that Grenada must become resilient to the impacts affecting this small island state now. Changes made now will have a positive impact on our tomorrow!

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