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The Youth of Grenada deserve a future, with good jobs; and having self-respect, dignity and a positive Image of self and of our country.

Your cruel, cruel back-stabbing which you do of your own people; while giving the favoured few the golden chest of huge wealth — Epic hypocrisy!

Mr. PM, please reach out and let all of us help to shape Grenada that we, each of us — can be very proud to call it our homeland. our country. our Grenada.

Under your leadership, it has been like a battle zone. An olive branch would go far towards healing and prospering together. And a Grenada to which we can hold our heads up high.

I have a great job in Tourism in Hawaii; because good jobs are not available in Grenada; Why? WHY PM MITCHELL?

I try to provide financial help to my family, relatives and to even a few friends.  I feel so sorry for them being stuck in Grenada!

United, we can all become proud Grenadians. Divided, NNP will fall.

Many of us, whether back in Grenada or in the Diaspora, still call ourselves the “Youth of Grenada.” Whether in our 20’s or 30’s, we want to see success in our Grenada — not just POLITICAL CHAOS.

We do not want to go NDC; unless you continue to force our hand. Many are planning huge multi-media pushes to prop-up or to hurt either political party. It will be 2018 Madness. Our Priority … GRENADA.

Please give us a reason to stay the NNP way.  IE: Jobs, tourism, growth, less political chaos – And we will stay with the NNP for five more years!!!!!

Many, many people have been so turned off by the NNP “We Will Deliver” train which never arrived; that bitter hate is driving them far away from any and all NNP promises.

Re-group, right and tight. Competition is now spread too thin to win big; any NNP win will be like a multi-sliced pie.

We monitor; we watch, we do pray for a better Grenada.

God Bless Grenada

God Bless Hawaii & the USA



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