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Grenada’s leaders have sold her to her enemies. We could blame the people, but the leaders take the lion’s share. Think about how Jesus was railroaded. Sure, it was the people shouting “crucify Him”; but the plan was hatched by the leaders — and they were the ones egging the crowd on. They saw their influence waning and they wanted to remain relevant a little while longer.

Doc likes to boast about the social compact that helped him with and during the Structural Adjustment Programme. According to him, the International Monetary Fund was very impressed with it; and other regional governments have asked him for help in setting up same. Yet he disrespects that very same social compact. It is an understanding of convenience – he knows them only when it is to his advantage.

Calls by Civil Society for a national debate between party leaders was ignored by Doc, they were accused of politicking when they brought to the nation’s attention the discrepancies in the Parliamentary Office. The call to sign a political code of conduct went in one ear and came out the other. Yet Doc will once again call on them to come aboard once again this time around. He needs them to help brighten his image here and abroad. Of all the people signing the social compact, Civil Society was the most vocal about the issues facing Grenadians and the trouble they saw brewing on the horizon. What about the other partners, are they satisfied with the state and direction of the nation?

The private sector have gained so much from the current administration that it makes no sense for them to speak out against it. It would be economic suicide for them. Free school books are a thing of the past; and so too are free barrels. Grenadians must shop at their businesses paying exorbitant prices for much needed supplies. In addition is the free labour they receive from the Imani trainees. Money over the welfare of the people is the name of the game.

Why, on the eve of an election, were Trade Unions signing a Memorandum of Understanding with government? And while this may seem like no big deal, one has to wonder why, when an opposition party was offering more to their members. Wouldn’t it have been more beneficial to the members to allow the elections go on and then make a decision? If the Trade Unions were OK with the $750 why didn’t they accept it since December? Why the strikes and threats, if they turned around and accepted what was on the table from the beginning? The leaders of the Trades Unions should apologize to their members, Mrs Beryl Isaac and the nation for their shenanigans.

The greatest offender of all, in my humble opinion, is the Conference of Churches and the Council of Evangelical churches. Their deafening silence as the nation descends into chaos, ungodliness and unrighteousness is deafening. The rants, raves and attacks of Doc on ordinary citizens have gone unnoticed by them. Where was the fighting spirit that was on display during the past referendum? I guess homosexuality is the only sin worthy of the churches attention.

Compromise is the order of the day, even from the men of the cloth. In the words of Jesus, “Mr Preacher, what does it profit you to gain the world and lose your soul? One can only wonder what the new senator representing the churches interest will do if the former bill #6 from last referendum was up for debate. What will be her stance, knowing to whom she owes her seat.

It would be a travesty for Mr Burke to be in control of our oil but it’s ok for the Russians and Chinese to loot and plunder our beloved country. Maybe Grenada is no longer our beloved – look at how we treat her. What will become of Camerhogne Park, Grand Etang, and Quarantine Point? Only time will tell. For 30 pieces of silver our leaders have stabbed Grenada and Grenadians in the back.

Carriacounians may feel this does not affect them, but what happens when Paradise Beach or Anse La Roche is put on the auction block. Do you think your representative can and will stop it from being sold? At least you will have your airport in Petit Martinique and Chinese Housing Scheme in Dumfries to comfort you.

The elite are getting richer and richer on the backs of the masses who are too uneducated and divided to do anything about it. Oh Grenada, look what they have done to you all for money, ambition and power. Hopefully one day your people will wake up and take back what is rightfully theirs from the hands of those who mean them ill. One can only hope.

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