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“Healthcare will never be the same again in Grenada after this.” So says pioneer nurse, Deann Scott. “Healthcare has just received a major shot in the arm,” she says, with the introduction of eCareRx, a new web-based tele-Health portal for all things healthcare.

Nurse Scott, who is well known for her pioneering drive towards Electronic Medical Records in Grenada, has now taken the bold step of introducing the full spectrum of telemedicine for doctors in the SpiceIsle, now giving patients the ability to visit a doctor without leaving home. Medical Providers and other healthcare professionals will now have the ability to enhance their practice by offering online consults, fitness coaching, nutrition counseling, and remote health monitoring to their patients 24/7/365. Because of this new service, the usually long wait times at the emergency departments for treatment of minor emergencies could essentially be over, as many of these visits can be taken online.

The eCareRx digital platform enables healthcare providers like Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Fitness Coaches, and other healthcare professionals to conduct secure, HIPAA compliant video consultations with their patients online, while monitoring their sleep, diet, and exercise, using smart home medical devices, computers, wearable devices and apps. Patients can now enter their provider’s virtual waiting room to see the doctor of their choice. Medical providers can set their own prices and get paid online for their services.

Healthcare as we know it has now stepped into the 21st century and has just entered the social zone. Patients will now own their Personal Health Records (PHR) and can synch data from fitness apps and health trackers, and share access to that data with their healthcare providers and care team for a 360 degree view of their overall health. The bottom line is now patients can be more actively involved in their care, creating a culture of wellness on a more national scale.

The era of the Internet-of-things (IoT) has now begun in the SpiceIsle, with the introduction of these smart medical devices and apps that bring health monitoring home. Patients with chronic medical conditions can now sign up for a home –care medical device bundle, under the supervision of their medical provider, and start monitoring their condition from home. Blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, sleep, diet and exercise are all measured daily from home. Whenever readings fall outside of the normal limits, their care team is notified, so that appropriate actions can be taken immediately. This keeps patients out of the hospital longer, reduces emergency visits, and empowers patients to maintain treatment compliance while getting personally engaged in their care – all this, while remaining in their own familiar environment – their home.



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