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The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is advising the general public that all aerial drones, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs)), must be registered with and authorization for their use be obtained from the police.

This, as the RGPF seeks to implement best practices regarding the use of these UAVs for the safety and protection of all citizens, including that of the preservation of the national airspace.

The use of UAVs can have an adverse effect on persons resulting in damage to property, violation of privacy, personal injury as well being a safety risk to aircrafts.

The RGPF anticipates that the safety guidelines as set down for the use of these drones will help in mitigating unpleasant circumstances that can result from use of these UAVs.

As part of its policy guidelines, persons can only fly these drones within a certain height or distance and must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines in respect of use and operations of the equipment.

Operators must also refrain from flying these UAVs in Grenada’s no fly zones and in sensitive areas including government or military facilities and airports.

They should not pose a direct threat to national security and airspace and must be equipped with fail-safe features such as a “return to home” feature that allows the drone to return home if the signal is lost.

Information about the operation of the drone including purpose of flight and operating areas must be included in the written application for use.

Operators of these UAVs will be responsible for any damages caused by the operation of the drone and any infraction committed during operation.

The RGPF looks forward to the cooperation of all in the interest of public safety and protection.

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