Written by on July 24, 2018

The President of the advocacy group, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, Catherine Sealys, has expressed concern about what she described as ‘over the top behaviour’ during Kiddies Carnival.

Sealys spoke against the backdrop of the posting on social media of videos of the event, with one in particular showing a young female dancing in a suggestive manner.

“I looked at the video and my first thought was – ‘This is not Saint Lucia,’ and my second impression was that I am not seeing any reaction from the adults to caution the child,” she told St Lucia Times.

“This is ‘over the top’ behaviour and in no way falls into behaviour for junior carnival for children,” Sealys declared.

She told St Lucia Times that she was quite shocked that the adults saw nothing wrong, as apparently they thought it was normal.

Sealys cautioned parents, especially young mothers, that girls are being used as sexual objects by local men.

“I am not talking about ordinary men – I am talking about teachers, I am talking about public servants, I am talking about police officers, I am talking about senior public servants. I am talking about people we deem to be responsible adults and community leaders and country leaders.”

“We as parents, we as women, we as mothers need to caution our children on their behaviour,” Sealys stated.

She explained that what she saw posted on social media was ‘really troubling’ to her as a mother and grandmother.

“What bothered me most was that the parents in the video didn’t seem to have a problem with it. What are we doing? What are we teaching children? What is it we are trying to tell children to emulate?” Sealys told St Lucia Times.

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