Written by on November 24, 2017

It has come to the attention of the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), that a video is being circulated on Facebook and other online media, which purports to show the host of the NNP Hard Talk Program, Sheldon Scott,  conducting an online interview with an unnamed and unidentified female (“the Sheldon Scott Interview”) in which  the female interviewee alleges  that the NDC and its Leader, V. Nazim Burke, used her image and that of  her children, without her knowledge and consent, in a video recently done by the NDC, featuring the NDC Leader (“the Party Leader’s Video”). The lady being interviewed asserted, among other things, that she wished to have her image removed from the NDC video failing which, she would commence legal proceedings against our Party and its Leader.

Having carefully reviewed the Party Leader’s video, we are satisfied that if there is any authenticity to the Sheldon Scott Video interview, there could only be one person appearing in the Party Leader’s Video who might have made such a claim, that being a young lady whom the Video Team visiting the Belair Hospital with the Party Leader met, along with her two children, and engaged and conversed with, while at the hospital.

We wish to make it abundantly clear that the lady and two children appearing in our video did so with full knowledge that she was being videotaped by our Team and consented to being videotaped. We have in our possession and are prepared to make public if necessary videotape evidence of this.

In the course of taping the Party Leader’s Video, we insisted that before taping any person, our video Team, seek and obtain either consent or a “no objection” before proceeding to videotape anyone. That protocol was fully observed on this occasion.

To date, we have received no claim or demand from anyone in relation to this matter and have no information other that which was reported in the Sheldon Scott Interview.

All across Grenada, the NNP uses the power of government to privilege their friends and victimize their opponents. They have no problem undermining free speech and they punish those who speak against the government. They have created a culture of fear reminiscent of dictators.

The NDC will not be distracted from its focus of advancing solutions to the over 50.4% youth unemployment, the growing number of people living in poverty, the deplorable state of healthcare, bringing an end to political victimization and building a fairer society that creates jobs and makes sure those who are qualified, get the jobs which we consider to be the real issues in the coming elections as we continue to pet people first.

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