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Grenada is reporting an outbreak of dengue and gastroenteritis and health authorities are urging nationals to take all precautions to deal with the situation.  Click here to read more

The Agricultural Division within the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs & Local Government is continuing in its efforts to improve the quantity and quality of services it offers to farmers and the general public here. Presently, as part of its agricultural revitalization programme a variety of seedlings are available at the Belair Nursery […]

May 15th 2018, is being recognised across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States OECS as Climate Change Day. This designation is as a result of the OECS and the UNFCCC entering into a partnership which focuses on communication and awareness surrounding climate change and the Conference of Parties (COP) meetings. This year’s focus on raising […]

Effective, Wednesday April 18th, 2018, the retail prices of petroleum products (Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas, (LPG), commonly known as, Cooking Gas, in the State of Grenada will be as follows: GRENADA   Products                                           Old Price                           New Price Gasoline                          […]

EXPERTS’ CHOICE 2018 Click here to read

The recent drowning of a four-year-old boy on Grand Anse beach has called attention to the importance of water safety, careful attention to your children, and the need for our nation to know how to swim. The National Learn to swim week, held April 3rd -7th and offering free swim lessons, culminated in a total […]

A moment please In 2006 Uganda (An African nation) discovered oil. President Yoweri Museveni (while his government may be aligned with alleged corruption), did a few things that would ensure that some of the wealth expected to be generated from this find remains in Uganda. 1. Government set up a petroleum company to regulate the […]

“The Fix – if desired!” I left off my last Commentary “The Alienated Aliens!” wondering whether the infliction of high Property Transfer Taxes (“PTT”) on Aliens, apparently beginning in 1998, was intended as a Revenue Strategy. Or, was it really a very clever way of discouraging foreigners from settling in Grenada? If it was Revenue […]


POLITICAL IDOLATRY – OUR SIN! In this Easter Season, having come out of a bruising National Election, I feel that it is an opportune time to raise a topic, which may not be considered politically correct or personally gratifying, but which this season of Hope offers as an opportunity for healing and wholeness. . While […]

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