Today, March 16, 2018, I did not have the heart to watch the charade of a new government sworn into office knowing the depths to which our election process had descended.  It was an entirely one-sided and uneven playing field. This is not what democracy is all about. People should be presented with the issues […]

Calling all the God-fearing and fair-minded people of our Christian nation Do not allow anyone to make you compromise your Christian principles. How can you wake up on Tuesday morning, say your prayers to the Almighty God and then go and cast a vote for a party which is led by someone who openly defies […]

A video that went viral from Hazel Douglas has highlighted the healthcare crisis that exists in Grenada. “The viral video from Hazel Douglas shows just how much of a healthcare crisis we have in this country. When Grenadians need to see a doctor, all too often there are none available,” said Adrian Thomas, the NDC […]

One People, One Country, Our Responsibility! On this very auspicious occasion, the 44th anniversary of independence of our great State of Grenada, I wish each and every one of my fellow Grenadians, a happy Independence Day. While we honour what we have achieved on this journey to maturity, we must acknowledge and reflect upon our […]

Grenadians and holders of Grenadian passports can now enjoy ease-of-travel upon arrival at the Maurice Bishop International Airport with the introduction of two automated passport-controlled kiosks.  Details from Rikisha St. Louis

Dear Friends Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, Grenadians across the country will sit down together, count our blessings, and give thanks. Grenadian families reflect the diversity of this nation. No two are exactly alike, but there is a common thread they each share. Our families are bound together through times of joy and times of grief. They […]

On Sunday 08/10/17, I was listening to SWGG, as always. I find this programme highly educational, informative, creative and inspiring – this is the medium that makes Grenadians proud of their cultural heritage. I appreciated the two ladies from the GTA for their enthusiastic response regarding their planned activities designed to entertain visitors to our […]

WHENCE COMETH THE BUYERS? My first commentary on the subject of Real Estate in Grenada (three years ago) concluded that Grenada needed more aliens to stimulate what I believed to be a moribund market and I recommended measures to actively attract them. My most recent commentary, with a market now provably in an even worst […]

MINISTRY OF HEALTH RECEIVES CONTAINER OF MEDICAL SUPPLIES ST. GEORGE — Another large shipment of medical supplies, accessories and medical furniture are currently in the possession of the Ministry of Health and Social Security (MOHSS) as government continues to work towards the improvement and delivery of healthcare services to Grenadians.

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