The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is calling on the Government of Dr. Keith Mitchell to deal expeditiously with the issues affecting the workers of the National Water and Sewerage Authority, NAWASA. The Party notes that the Mitchell Administration’s refusal to so far publicly address the grievances of the workers, demonstrates in no small part their […]

REGULARIZATION OF CONTRACTED EMPLOYEES The National and Sewage Authority acknowledges receipt of a correspondence from the Minister of Labour, directing that an arbitration tribunal be established in accordance with Section 45 (3) of the Labour Code in relation to the issue of the regularisation of workers. NAWASA states categorically that we are fully committed to […]

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) remains committed to the regularization of its workers not yet fully confirmed, and is ready to do so, once the current process that has been in train is completed. In that regard, we are in harmony with the Technical and Allied Workers union, with whom we have worked […]

The ruling New National Party NNP of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has taken punitive action against one of its long-standing Executive members, Terry Forrester for mounting a challenge to Health Minister Nickolas Steele to get the nod as the party’s candidate for the upcoming general election in St. George South. A well-placed source told […]

NAWASA MAKES A CALL FOR PRUDENT WATER MANAGEMENT AS IT REGULATES WATER SYSTEMS St. George — The reduction in output at a number of water systems was the focus of a visit to water facilities on the island’s eastern coast by General Manager, Christopher Husbands and Production and Quality Manager, Allan Neptune on Thursday last.

NAWASA OFFERS FREE RECONNECTION FOR CARNIVAL St. George — The National Water and Sewerage Authority is doing their part to ensure consumers are a little less constrained in their celebrations of Spice Mas 2013.

NAWASA DISCONTINUES VALVE REGULATION ISLAND WIDE Grenada — The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) advises the general public that it has discontinued valve regulations island wide.

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