The effect of the inappropriate depiction of Haiti, El Salvador and all African nations as “shit hole” countries is a matter that the people of the United States of America and their government and Congress should contemplate seriously. The responses have been swift, showing a mixture of outrage and shock.  At the time of writing […]

NO CONTRIBUTIONS, SUPPORT OR INVOLVEMENT IN GRENADA POLITICS, EVER In response to recent statements made by Prime Minister Mitchell in the media, WRB & GPP would like to take this opportunity to present the facts and set the record straight: Despite being approached at various times by all political parties, Grenlec, WRB & GPP have […]

Is formal education a necessity to become a terrific, successful and talented politician? Do you need to go to school, if your intention is to help the less fortunate, the people forgotten by the Keith Mitchell NNP corrupt government, the unemployed youth, the seniors, the rape victims in our society? Randolph Harrison Fleary sure thinks […]

POLITICAL HYGIENE Politics is a social enterprise involving people, relationships, processes and power. It is therefore highly imperfect. Some may say that politics, by its very nature, is a system that is healthy with wounds. Accordingly, maintenance of the system requires the practice of good political hygiene. Keeping the system healthy depends largely on people’s […]

Two high-profile remnants of the Revolution are enjoying themselves; one talks at will and the other walks at will! Those who watch and listen are not amused. The things that were wrong during the ‘Revo’ were made so by men holding high positions. Today, these remnants of the ‘Revo’ (and others) continue to oil the […]


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