By using power, money, and influence to silence dissenting speech, elites go beyond honest political debate and threaten the very nature of democracy. READ STORY HERE    

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT HAS IMPOSED 50 NEW LAWS TO ‘STRANGLE DEMOCRACY AND DESTROY DISSENT’ IN FIVE YEARS, NGO WARNS AS HE IS SET TO BE REELECTED The scale of Vladimir Putin‘s ‘authoritarian’ rule is today laid bare by research which shows he has imposed 50 laws to ‘strangle democracy and crush dissent’ in Russia. Human Rights campaigners have […]

The views expressed in the following article are solely those of the Venezuelan Embassy in Grenada and do not necessarily reflect those of GrenadaBroadcast or Grant Communications The first electoral event was held on July 30, to elect 545 representatives of the National Constituent Assembly. A total of 8,089,320 Venezuelans voted. This represents more than 41.53% of the total amount […]

With elections looming, Grenada is about to make another mark on its political records and may do well to learn from the history books of other nations like the Philippines, where the late Ferdinand Marcos ruled for twenty (20) years between 1966 and 1986.  The following were characteristic of the Marcos era: Marcos did a […]

BURKE WRITES TO OAS SECRETARY GENERAL His Excellency José Miguel Insulza SalinasSecretary GeneralOrganization of American States (OAS)17th Street and Constitution Ave NW,Washington, DC 20006-4499United States of America Your Excellency: Re: State Sponsored Attack on Democracy and Democratic Institutions in Grenada I write to you in my capacity as Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress […]

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