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Finance Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell’s appointment of his son, Olinga Mitchell, as his adviser could only be interpreted as a clear sign that the soon-to-be 72-year-old leader is systematically imaging and profiling his son for bigger things to come. And that, undoubtedly, is to replace him as political leader of the New National Party (NNP)! […]

Minister of Infrastructure, Gregory Bowen has announced that government is forced to push back the date for the opening of the island’s brand new multi-million dollar Parliament building due to a setback in procuring critical electronic equipment from a contracted supplier. Speaking at a sitting of the Lower House of Parliament on Tuesday, the senior […]

At its first weekly media conference since last weeks clean sweep in the elections, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) faced the media on Monday to a barrage of questions from local media. Political Leader, Nazim Burke spent a great deal of his time lamenting the challenges which his party faced in its 15-nil loss to […]

The New National Party wants to make it absolutely clear that it neither encourages nor condones political harassment or any other unnecessary confrontation by any political party. Within the last 24 hours, two incidents have been brought to our attention that has given us serious concern. What is reported is not consistent from our perspective […]


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is publicly advising voters, that we have been reliably informed that Barbadian pollster Peter Wickham has agents currently in the field, going door to door, asking political questions for a poll. We can confirm that Mr. Wickham is not operating as a paid pollster for the National Democratic Congress. It […]

With 2017 coming to a close, the New National Party extends the warmest of wishes to all Grenadians and friends of Grenada in this season of joy and good will. As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and give praise, it is also time for us to reflect on the sacrifices and […]

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