Written by on May 13, 2018

Over the past few weeks, callers to local radio call-in programs have been complaining about the poor quality of service meted out to customers by certain service providers within the country.  Not surprising is the fact that most of these complaints were about FLOW/LIME/C&W.

Many persons may recall that a little over a year ago, I spearheaded a nationwide protest against FLOW for the very same reason – poor service. Days before the protest, FLOW seemed to be addressing some of the problems.  However, as time passed, the service has again deteriorated.

Imagine, people are complaining and it seems like nobody is even hearing! Where is the management of FLOW/LIME/C&W? Where is the NTRC? In whose interest is that body working? Where is the Government? Where are the people who should be looking out for our best interests? Are they all asleep? It appears that the people are not represented in any way – by any of these entities.

I am calling on all disgruntled customers of FLOW/LIME/C&W to continue to call on the company about the complaints.  In addition, keep all your information along with any documentary evidence handy.

If those complaints are not addressed by FLOW/LIME/C&W, within a reasonable period of time, then we would be left with no alternative but to take whatever stepped-up action against the company as we deem fit.

It just might be a good time for a wake up or shake up at the NTRC, at the government offices responsible for Consumer Affairs and definitely at the management level of FLOW/LIME/C&W.


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